I’m doing a trunk or treat and movie night thing with the preschool so today I made up a pattern for Zero! Guess what my car’s theme is!

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endless list of animated characters: 2/∞
Chel - “Think you’re the only ones who dream of better things? Of adventure? You’ve got your reasons and I’ve got mine.”

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and here it is.

my 24 hour comic

took 22 hours. and then a little longer for some edits but. I’ve still got another hour till my 24 is officially up, and I’m definitely gonna be snoozing.

For having no planning except a selkie design and a rough concept of the girl, I think I did alright. I definitely pushed my self to try new things and, I’m happy about that. there are some things I’d like to tweak but… NOPE! IM DONE!

I also learned how much I can get done when I don’t distract myself so much. have to figure out how to rein that in haha.

also, if you’re curious about the title! fun fact time thanks to wikipedia (so it may or may not be true)

Selkies (also known as silkies or selchies) are mythological creatures found in FaroeseIcelandic,[1] Irish,[2] and Scottish folklore. The word derives from earlier Scots selich, (from Old English seolh meaning seal)

okay. sleep time. 


I just noticed the boat in this comic is called “The Ottersy”. Hehehehe…

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There is also a death for the immortal jellyfish. He is very bored.

Artwork by Chris Gugliotti [webcomic | tumblr]

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the afterlife isnt all its hyped up to be

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has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

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New on The Crafty Catastrophe! I whipped up this cool cross body bag this morning with a fat quarter I’ve been hoarding. You can check out my listing for it here: